Our Heart Speaks, Inc, is a non profit organization, founded by Dr. Keith Rafal to build a platform for those whose lives have been forever changed by overcoming a life changing disability and a chronic medical condition. Our Heart Speaks is an international platform for people to share their stories, or other artistic interpretations of their journey. By sharing your experiences, stories and other artistic expressions,we will be able to research, study and learn from your experiences so we may help others.

Education, Support & Research

Your donation will fund research, opportunities to support the voice of those living with a disability and further educational efforts to help us better understand how every day people can overcome the challenges of a new disability while leading a successful and meaningful life. These activities will serve to help others who are struggling to overcome similar challenges and those of us who participate in their care.

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Support for Our Heart Speaks ensures that individuals who have experiences that could help others, will have a platform to share those experiences with the world. Our Heart Speaks offers a voice to those who wish to be heard, who have stories to share and through their experiences will help us make a difference.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. Our Heart Speaks, Inc is a registered  501(3)(C) Private Foundation Non-profit, with FEIN# 47-5255336.

We are looking for partnerships with rehabilitation hospitals and other organizations that work with people with long term disabilities. Contact us for more info.

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Ted Meyer is producing our video series

Ted is a nationally recognized artist, curator and patient advocate who helps patients, students and medical professionals see the positive in the worst life can offer.

Become a Patron and help us create something new and unique for the arts and human services fields.

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Become a Patron and help us create something new and unique for the arts and human services fields.